Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bed Bugs and Bad Drivers

Well still no more news on the bed bug problem.  I have just been sleeping on the couch (I have yet to clean off the futon to sleep on).  As expected I have stopped getting bites, so I know it has to be from my bed.

In other news I was almost in a crash today.  I was turn left at an intersection on my way to a class and some bitch ran a red light and almost slammed into me, luckily I sped-up when I saw her coming and she missed me.  She was looking at me like I was in the wrong.  I had a green light, she didn't.  I know, I use that route four days a week, multiple times.  People rally need to learn how to drive properly and PAY ATTENTION!  I am sick of having to change my driving patterns and habits because people don't know how to drive properly in traffic.  Well that's all for this post.
Have more classes later today; post back later.


  1. I've seen this happen a lot. People really need to learn to drive or get off the road!

  2. There is a huge outbreak of bed bugs right now. You could have gotten them from anywhere!

  3. Lolz @ the Bed Bug Exterminator advert. to the right of this.