Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thanks For the Positive Support Everyone!

As I said in the title, thank you all for the support.  It seems as if the bedbugs ARE gone.  But we will see in the coming weeks.
As for my mother, she is supposed to be getting out of the hospital today, but she has yet to be discharged.
They said, they want her to eat there before she leaves.  But the doctor said all looked well and that they don't think it spread and they think they got it taken care of.   Now the incisions just need to heal, and that should take a few weeks.  So she won't be working (at least she shouldn't be) working for a while.
My place is still a mess, I haven't finished or even gotten back to cleaning my desk.
I think I might have a mild case of hoarding compulsion.  I see this stuff and don't think I should get rid of it but I know i won't use it.
I just need somebody to come here and throw it out for me.

I also want to tell you all about a book.  I have been reading this book for a few days now.  And I just think everyone needs to know.....  just how absolutely shitty this book is.
The book is "Life in Year One: What the World Was Like in First-Century Palestine" This book is just terrible.  I am having to read it for my World Civilizations class for a report, and I would not recommend it to anyone that I didn't hate.  The author "Scott Korb" cannot stay on topic, his writing style is shit, it's hard to read, he is unprofessional, he doesn't present the book in the standard historian way, and he at one point in the book says that he will be using his imagination to fill in parts he doesn't know for fact.  That last one just makes this book worthless.  A historian should never write something in to be fact that he has no evidence for.  How can i tell by what I am reading what is true fact and what is made up by him?  I can't making this book useless in the sense that you cannot learn anything from this book with any amount of certainty.  He also loved putting in these huge foot notes that take up half a page.  That is not how footnotes are supposed to be used.  Often times in these footnotes, he didn't stay on topic either.  And many times the entire footnote had nothing to do with the thesis of the section I was reading.
That concludes the book review portion of my blog.

Well, I think that's it for now, post back later!


  1. Well that's a whole lot of good news. And yep, most books you have to read for a class are typically terrible.

  2. I'l never understand why class texts are the worst written books ever.

  3. "bedbugs ARE gone" yeah!!
    Let's celebrate!!
    How does it feel to sleep "alone"?