Friday, September 17, 2010


The title explains my current state.
I just got my shipment from The Fatherland (Germany).  It's got all the Rammstein stuff.  I'll get some pics and post them when I get the chance.  I was so excited I already have the posters and the flag up.  Have to wait for my car to dry before I put the decals on my windows though.
The messenger bag is sweet and I finally have all the albums.  I was unable to find "Herzeleid" anywhere, no stores had them and you couldn't get them on iTunes in the US.  So I figured I'd order it directly from them.

In other news, no classes today, thinking I might get a hold of some friends and hang out with them.

YouTube video to come soon.  I have the cam set up and microphone working.  Might clean this place up before I record for the first time.
Still unsure what to make a video about.  I always have trouble deciding on things like this.  I've been wanting to start a new painting too but not sure what to do.

Well see, I'll check back in later.

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  1. Make a vid about yourself and your metal CD collection!!
    (metal fan inside)