Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Post About Bed Bugs (Hopefully)!

Haven't posted all day.  Because I spent a lot of today cleaning and then I had class.
I removed my two twin beds and box springs from the house and took them to the landfill.  That was fun.  I had to pay to throw them away.  I also removed my couch so there are only two places to sit for now; my computer chair (I don't think anything could have gotten in it) and my gamer chair (I am not getting rid of that).  Sleeping on the futon in the guest room if I can clean it off early enough tonight.
My dad came and sprayed the carpet and base boards and all over so that will likely have stopped them in their tracks; so they won't came back or spread to other parts of the house.
My room is looking crazy.  I needed to clean it anyway so I stared sorting and gave up half way through.  I will need to work on it Friday or this weekend some time.  Going to be moving everything (that is left) around and make more space.  In the process of cleaning my desk this afternoon it seems to have gotten even messier.  I can't do anything on it but type and move the mouse; no free space at all.
My  mom is going to the Cleveland clinic tomorrow to have an operation done to remove a cancerous growth in her colon.  They think it should be pretty good after that.  It's one of the lowest forms of cancer and they caught it kind of early so they don't think it spread and if so not too far or bad.  But they won't know for sure until they have gotten in there and see.
I have classes tomorrow, with exception to my evening class, it was canceled (very nice!), but instead I am tutoring somebody and I have a paper due electronically by the time that class would start anyway.  Full day tomorrow.  I'll  most likely post in the evening.  If I can I will post sooner, but we will see.

But that's pretty much all the news I have for now.  Post later!


  1. This is a really shitty post. All this seems to suck. Bed-bugs and cancer.... That's just horrible. Sorry to hear it bro.

  2. jesus, thats rough man

  3. Bed bugs, so terrible! Good luck!

  4. good luck with everything, hope things turn around for you dude