Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bed Bugs Report

So I checked my mattress and blankets and I didn't see any sign of bed bug.  But instead I saw a shit ton of spiders.  I think that's the culprit.  Some of these bites did seem way to big to be from bed bugs.
So that's good news.  I'll have t go to the store tomorrow and get some insect spray to keep the spiders out of my room.  I don't mind them anywhere else.  Just not where I sleep.

In other news I have been made aware by Best Buy that they won't be getting any more 3G iPod Touch 32gigs in.  They told me I would likely have to upgrade to get a replacement (mine fucked up during an update and is not a shiny paperweight)!  This is bullshit because if that's true I will have to pay like $50 to get a replacment when it should be free and I might even have to pay for a new warranty!?  They are try to gyp me for sure.  I'm going in there tomorrow and telling them how it is.  I'm not paying for anything.  Either they will order me a 3G 32gig or they will be upgrading me for free or I'm going to make it hell for them!

If anyone wants to see/follow my other blog here is the link.
More or less it's just a Rammstein fan page.  But I will be posting there as well as here most days giving updates on Rammstein, their tours, songs, band members, new items for sale in the store, that sort of thing.  Tune in if you'd like.

I'm out for now, post later.

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