Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Shooting in Texas

Just found out about some breaking news after getting home from my morning class.
It seems as if there was a shooting at the University of Texas.
From what I hear there was at least one suspect that opened fire with an automatic AK-47 in the campus library.  From all I am hearing there are no by-standers killed in his assault but one thing is clear: and that is the shooter is dead from what seems to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds.  The campus is still on lock-down and the authorities are searching for a second gunman, due to different descriptions of the gunman.
If you want to read more check this link.  I am sure there will be more soon.

In my morning news, it was rainy and I had a quiz in my morning class that I was not prepared for.
Also, thanks to some stranger I was not pulled over.  He flashed his brights at me to warn me there was a cop in the drive to my left running a speed trap.  I do the same and I implore everyone else to as well.  We all need to look out for out fellow drivers.

Well that's all for now; post again later.


  1. Wow, what the hell is wrong with people. At least this time, they failed to do any harm to anyone but themselves.

  2. Like i said previously, we really live in a crazy world...

  3. Thank God, it seems that there was no victim...
    Except the guy with the AK-47...