Friday, September 17, 2010


So if you couldn't tell by my last post, I am a HUGE Rammstein fan.
I almost think of that as an understatement.  I have not heard a Rammstein song I didn't love, and I don't expect to ever hear one.
They are almost all that I listen to.  My room is not covered in Rammstein and I love it.  I have a Rammstein tattoo and I want to get an other with a lyrics quote or something like that.
I would kill to get to see them live but unfortunately for me and many other American fans of Rammstein they do not preform in the US.  I missed my chance to see them in Quebec because I didn't have the money but next time they are that close I will not care.  I will spend money I don't have to see them.

I decided to start making a Rammstein blog too.  Haven't gotten anywhere with it yet but I hope to have something decent within the next week so bare with me.
Here is the link to it if you want to check it out when I am done.  I will post here with updates on it as well as on there.

Soon my shitty car will not just be a shitty car, but a shitty car with Rammstein pride all over it!

Still haven't made the video but I am taking into consideration what "Jemz" said.  But I may just make one about Rammstein or maybe respond to some videos I have been meaning to respond to.  Or make videos about my take on what's going on in the world, mostly America since that is where I live.  But still unsure not going to make a decision until I get some solid time to get a good idea of how far I can take them and how interesting it would to make and for others to watch.

But for now I will just leave you with my ideas.  What to you think?

Post again later tonight, or most likely, tomorrow.


  1. Too bad you missed them in Quebec. They are really awesome live. It feels like going to the church!!


  2. I know what you mean. From all the videos I've seen of their concerts and whatnot I would love to go. If they play anywhere in North America any time soon I will go. But maybe if I'm really lucky I will stumble across some money and be able to go to Germany to see them. Now THAT would be AMAZING!